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Welcome to BrainHack OpenNeuroPET

Welcome to BrainHack OpenNeuroPET

Dec 6-7, 2021 Register


BrainHack OpenNeuroPET is a collaborative hackathon with 2 physical location: Copenhagen (Hotel SP34 working space with food all day :-) thx to Novo Nordisk fonden), Boston (CNY Building 114 conference room D1, for MGH employees only due to covid) and virtual sessions.

The main goal is to educate neuroscientist about the benefits of the brain imaging data structure (BIDS) and in particular PET-BIDS, help users convert their data to BIDS (datathon) learning from each other good ways to do this, and use/create/test and execute BIDS tools and analysis pipelines. During the unconference, any other project involving multimodal imaging (MRI-fMRI-EEG-PET) is also very welcome and we are looking forward to see how to work together integrating information among approaches.

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Details are available on the GitHub repositories of BrainHack Nordic and BrainHack MGH.

Broadcasted Talks

Dec 6th 9:30am EST 3:30pm copenhagen Melanie Ganz The Brain Imaging Data Structure PET extension
Dec 6th 10:00am EST 4:00pm copenhagen Doug Greve An overview of PetSurfer
Dec 7th 9:30am EST 3:30pm copenhagen Martin Nørgaard The Brain Imaging Data Structure PET derivatives




Brainhack is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. People attending the Boston location must also abide by MGH’s COVID policies.