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Research findings can be difficult to replicate, partly because of inconsistencies in data acquisition, preprocessing, and analysis. Our research seeks to understand the source of these discrepancies for PET imaging, focusing primarily on standardization: how are neuroimaging data acquired, documented, analysed, and archived. Such work helps establish data sharing pipelines, which in turn enables replication and increases sample sizes.

The primary objective of OpenNeuro PET is data sharing, either Openly with OpenNeuro (CC0 licence) or Pulicly with Public-nEUro (Data access control and Data User Agreement to comply with EU-GDPR). Beside working on those data repositories, we also developped the PET2BIDS converter to help researchers curate their data and make them BIDS compliant. Our secondary objective is to develop tools for automated QC and template building.

OpenNeuroPET is a collaboration between the Neurobiology Research Unit (NRU) at Copenhagen University Hospital, NIMH, MGH and Stanford University.

It is funded through the BRAIN Initiative grant # 1R24MH120004-01A1 and the Novo Nordisk Foundation grant # NN20OC0063277.

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    All PET data are findable and accessible via the OpenNeuro portal

    Interested in sharing under GDPR? check out our Public-nEUro repositorie

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    Use our BIDS converter to prepare your data. The BIDS validator will highlight remaining issues.

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    Shared data can be analyzed on our computational platform using predefined pipelines or uploading your own container [work in progress].

    Learn about PET-BIDS, automated analyses, and join our events

    We particpate and organize many scientific events. All of your activities are open, check out the outreach repository here or access our outreach page .

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